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Terms and conditions of installation:

Installation costs are limited to back-to-back installations

Split Unit Air Conditioners:

Ground floor installation is limited to 2.8 metres high. The wall will have to be made out of brick (and not concrete where a core drill will be required). Pipe runs are limited to 3 metres, and no trunking is included. Electrical connections will be limited to 5 metres into the closest plug point. This does not include additional electrical equipment or isolators required. A drain piping of 3 metres is included. Anything over and above these conditions will incur additional costs that the customer will have to negotiate with the contractor. Please check if you have 3 phase power if you are buying a larger 3 phase unit.

Cassettes and Under-Ceiling Air Conditioner Units:

This installation will have to be discussed with the installers directly, as these installations are more costly and complicated.

Hide Away Air Conditioners:

These units are normally installed in the ceiling, and use trunking to access various areas of a house, office or building. Installation contractors have to quote on this directly, as they vary in costs and complexity.

Installation ticket (supplied with invoice), to be given to contractor to return to us to enable your warrantee on the air-conditioners. Please only give these tickets once you are completely satisfied with the installation.